About Us

We do not just build buildings, we build relationships.

Construction Management Group is one of Auckland’s premier construction companies. We have a very diverse portfolio of skills and have worked for a range of clients around the city. Whether it is residential building projects or large Governmental projects, we have got the expertise to deal with all kinds of projects that come our way.

Over the years, we have strived to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. As a company that keeps its clients’ needs first, we think we have been successful in satisfying them. Take a look at our amazing services and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer you.

Our Philosophy

Right from our inception in 1991, we have strived to do things a bit differently – valuing quality more than quantity, keeping customer satisfaction and social responsibility ahead of profits. We are guided by a simple philosophy of hard work and integrity. This philosophy has been our most amazing asset and we have thrived because of this.

Over the years, we have delivered projects that are in the best interests of our clients. With a remarkably strong work ethic, our motto is to “do it once and do it right”. This approach has won us many clients in the past and continues to do so.

Right People for the Right Projects

We understand that each project has its own requirements and some people are better suited to do one job than another. All of our professionals are exceptional at what they do but they also have particular strengths. We fit the right people with the right jobs to achieve maximum efficiency. This approach has proven to be very beneficial for us and our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Construction Management Group, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously. We use sustainable and energy-efficient methods in all our projects. Our mission is to work with our clients towards a sustainable future. We try to make an impact, no matter how small, to make this world a slightly better place to live in. We understand how global warming and other environmental challenges are affecting our planet and have made efforts to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Culture

At Construction Management Group, we nurture a culture of trust and mutual understanding. We believe that a team that “plays together, stays together”. We are fun loving people who love to hang out together. This friendly environment is what makes coming to the job so exciting every day.